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Greetings from Vianna Zimbel Consulting. We are a home medical equipment consulting company. While our main goal has been to help companies through the accreditation process as easily and inexpensively as possible, we also provide products and services, such as patient education materials, survey-proven customized policy and procedure manuals, regulatory compliance guidance, and performance improvement programs to help your home care company make the most of your resources.


Policy and Procedure Manual

CT Medical Procedure Manuals
CT Medical Equipment Procedure Manuals

Your Customized Manual:

Policies routinely include chapters on Corporate Compliance, HIPAA, and a Personal Handbook if desired at no additional charge.

Vianna Zimbel Consulting is simply the best resource for HME companies seeking CMS Quality Standards compliance and accreditation by The Joint Commission, ACHC, CHAP, BOC, NABP, ABC, HQAA....

We guarantee it!

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The policy manual is not an 'off-the-shelf' product.

It is written based upon the products and services you provide and to meet the requirements of the accreditation organization of your choice.


Your policies are customized for one of the following:

* the policy manual is copyright for YOUR use alone.