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About Vianna Zimbel Consulting

Greetings from Vianna Zimbel Consulting. We are a home medical equipment consulting company. While our main goal has been to help companies through the accreditation process as easily and inexpensively as possible, we also provide products and services, such as patient education materials, survey-proven customized policy and procedure manuals, regulatory compliance guidance, and performance improvement programs to help your home care company make the most of your resources.


Consulting Services

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Accreditation Consulting

We provide confidence. It is a proven fact that companies who receive on-site accreditation assistance, prepare for survey in less time and score higher. Our staff of highly experience accreditation experts will take you, step-by-step through the survey preparation process at a small fraction of the cost that most consultants charge.

We are dedicated to improved business performance and profitability of our clients.

We provide a realistic assessment of the levels of compliance at your company. Your staff are given the tools and knowledge to focus their ongoing energies on cost-effective, compliance-geared solutions.

Methods for improvement will be offered during on-site consultation to allow for immediate compliance and a documented tracking history. In conjunction with your staff, VZC will perform:

Specific recommendations on how to implement / revise processes to meet CMS and Accreditation standards.

Every VZC consulting effort is customized. We deliver quality, cost-effective solutions designed for each unique company. After your consultation period, technical assistance and additional support are available by e-mail and phone. Further on-site education is available upon request.

We are dedicated to your success; in fact, our continued prosperity depends wholly on keeping our clients satisfied. So, we've worked to keep the investment down, the return up, and the service impeccable.

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Regulatory Compliance

You need a partner who understands the art and science of healthcare regulations, one who speaks your language and can interpret the ever changing regulatory compliance climate.

Vianna Zimbel Consulting provides ready-to-use compliance policies and experienced healthcare consultants to assure successful organization licensing and regulatory inspection outcome.


For companies providing respiratory oxygen equipment, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has complex and confusing requirements which healthcare providers are challenged daily to interpret, navigate, and successfully apply.

VZC will make you prepared for your next FDA inspection by providing the policies and documentation the FDA requires and verifying staff knowledge and compliance with these regulations.


The Department of Transportation (DOT) has very specific regulations for the transport of hazardous materials such as oxygen. Do your drivers and vehicles meet the intent of the laws? VZC staff will review vehicle layout, manifests, driver qualifications, transport of oxygen in either the liquid or gaseous form, emergency preparedness, and more.


The Environmental Protection Act outlines the proper disposal of biomedical hazardous wastes. Are you compliant?


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has many laws that address your employees and healthcare workers. Infection control practices, proof of employee training, providing personal protective equipment and supplies, fire safety, inoculation records, and handling of hazardous materials are but a few of the requirements. VZC provides an assessment of your company and the tools you need for compliance.

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medical consulting

Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement

VZC consultants will lead your company to a comprehensive Improving Organization Performance (PI) program covering all required functions. The process provides your staff with advice that's easy to follow, and tools they'll need to make immediate improvements and demonstrate positive outcomes.

On- or Off-site Evaluation of Program

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