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Greetings from Vianna Zimbel Consulting. We are a home medical equipment consulting company. While our main goal has been to help companies through the accreditation process as easily and inexpensively as possible, we also provide products and services, such as patient education materials, survey-proven customized policy and procedure manuals, regulatory compliance guidance, and performance improvement programs to help your home care company make the most of your resources.


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Vianna Zimbel Consulting offers a fast, proven path to successful accreditation and survey outcome. Results of Vianna Zimbel Consulting are immediate and quantifiable, in time, energy and money. To begin, call us at 860-657-9530 or contact us . We will be glad to discuss your goals for compliance and provide you with a reference list of satisfied customers.

Working in one of the most tightly regulated industries in the country, home medical equipment suppliers are challenged daily to interpret, navigate, and successfully apply a complex set of standards within a strict budget.

Using techniques proven in many durable medical equipment provider locations, we customize each consulting effort to the unique needs of every client. Consultants are available for review, training and complete preparation for accreditation and regulatory site visits.

Consultants offer easy-to-implement, practical approaches to identified compliance issues.

Our unique system has been proven 100% successful in producing the results that meet the needs of each client. We roll up our sleeves, go to work and get the job done! We understand the reimbursement restraints, the challenges, and your day to day reality of operating a home medical equipment business.

Because your future depends on it, our consulting comes with a guarantee.

We guarantee that if you follow our recommended plan of action and participate fully in it's implementation, your organization will receive or maintain accreditation.

The Vianna Zimbel Consulting guarantee is founded on solid commitment, technical expertise, and a history of success.

Nobody offers the product we do.

We design it,

We assist with implementation thoughout your organization for lasting results long after survey,

We train, monitor, coach, and review.

What's on paper must function in the real world.

Homecare Company feedback:

" We could not have done it without all of your help, Vinnie!! Thank you!!!"

KB, Joint Commission, October 2014

"Surveyor was thorough, very fair and I had everything he wanted and more. The survey went great and he even said, he would work for a company like ours. Best compliment we can get, especially from a surveyor. No "Opportunity for Improvement" required and "No Plan of Improvement" required. Overall, it was the best experience overall and thanks for all your assistance throughout the year."    BJ, Joint Commission, July 2014


"You are awesome.  We feel very comfortable knowing you are there.  Thanks for all your help."

BR, Joint Commission, April 2014

"Would be lost with out you".

BC, Joint Commission, February 2014.

"Hello Vianna, 

 Well CHAP came for our site visit on Monday and left yesterday. We had no corrective actions!!!! A big ahhhhh had by all here!!   Woohoo!

Once again, I thank you for you continued assistance and guidance to our company!  Thanks"

Liz, CHAP site visit, Dec 3-5, 2012

" We just passed our survey! Wanted to say thanks for all the guidance and info you offer, its such a big help! "

KC, Joint commission survey Sept 5, 2012

"When you send out an update to your clients, even though I know you are modest and don't like to plug yourself, tell them in my words that you are the best!!! And yes, I am saying that cuz' without all your knowledge and updates I would've been in serious trouble." MN, Joint Commission survey Nov 10, 2010

" Thanks for all your correspondence.
I owe you a huge thank you. I followed your instructions for the medicare audit to the T.  Leslie Porter/ from Medicare's Overland Solutions came in and took out the folder w/ all the copies that we prepared for her.  She told us that this was her easiest inspection in 2 years.  She was out of our shop in appx 15 minutes W/O ASKING FOR ANY ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS.
I really appreciate your guidance.
p.s. you can use my name as a referral. I'd be thrilled to recommend you.

Devorah Schwartz, BOC accredited, after Medicare site visit April 2012

"I want to thank you for all you you to keep us up to date and informed. She was impressed we were using the correct version of the supplier standards. We would not have known but for your newsletters! So, again, thank you. You have made this process much easier. "
Heather Bartle-Ferrarese Clinical Pharmacist Bartle's Pharmacy  after accreditor visit August 2012